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'Trichology' - The Science of Hair

Allure Hair Extensions application techniques are Free from harsh glues, chemicals & stretching, Our gentle application promotes growth and maintains your hairs health & condition. It is essential that “Micro Rings” are prepared with equal thickness to your hair where necessary and smaller ones placed closer to the hair line to support weaker hair by weight distribution.Your hair's health and vitality don’t have to be compromised in exchange for increased length and volume. Our approach to The Perfect Colour Match means that we stand apart from other hair extensions salons. We can match any hair colour perfectly by using our ‘Colour Blending Technique’. We create finely blended hair which has all of the subtle tones of your own hair, our inclusive cutting and styling will give you dream loc's. Allure Hair Extensions look natural with flawless colour match & movement, looking just like naturally long hair they will become your best kept secret.


Our hair extensions are expertly constructed in house incorporating the principles of Trichology. We ensure each strand is made with the correct ratio of hair; to be compatible with the area of the scalp we are working on. Attention to detail is implemented during the application process to ensure there is no penetration to the hair shaft.We combine various shades of hair to achieve optimum blending, keeping your Hair Extensions looking as natural as possible.We use Russian & European Hair of the finest quality


Russian Hair Extensions are our most popular Hair choice. The silky, smooth hair has not been chemically treated and is in pure virgin state which is adapted to suit individual colours and preferences. Sourced from Russia, the hair comes in various colours, straight or wavy. If Russian Hair is your preferred option, discuss this in your consultation. The collected hair has all of the shorter hairs from chosen lengths manually removed twice - 'double' drawn to ensure thickness from root to ends.


The Micro Ring Technique combines strands of your own hair and strands of the extension hair. There is no glue, braids, or sewing! There is no damage to your natural hair. Micro Ring hair extensions should last up to three months before needing to be reinstalled. Enjoy the benefit of Micro rings without the risk of damage or slippage with the innovative new and improved design in Micro Rings with Silicone Micro Rings, as flat as conventional Micro Rings without a predisposition for damage .


"This look can be recreated Straight Or Wavy, it’s all about creating depth and Volume, great with long layers, recreating the classic look of Glamour icon Bridgette Bardot. This look is a must try for women who want to have some fun this spring, it may be a 60's Classic but it will still surely make heads turn. “


“Simple and yet still very stunning and glamorous, this is a hairstyle that anyone can pull off. You can wear it with pieces that are as gorgeous as the ones in the Bottega Veneta show. There’s no way you can go wrong with soft cinematic curls especially if you want to add some more drama in your life.”


We all love how gorgeous 60s inspired looks are and this one is very easy to do. You can wear it to work or for a night out because this is one hairstyle that’s very flexible. You can even amp this look up with a scarf or a headband to go Hippy Chick.


  • Claris

    Loving my long soft hair extensions ! I have blonde hair & notice its hard to find extensions soft in this colour but Allure have exceeded my expectations. I had 20 inches Russian Hair.

    Claris Hair Extensions
  • Michelle Hartshorn

    Arriving at Allure - I was offered to have my coat taken and offered coffee, this made me feel at home, I was so comfortable from beginning to end. Excellent customer service. The Hair Extensions lasted three months,were comfortable & very light on the scalp. I recommend everyone to Allure Hair Extensions, I was so pleased with the outcome I've just booked in again.

    Michelle Hartshorn Hair Extensions
  • Saxx

    Feeling unsure about hair extensions, as a first time client, I found Allure Hair Extensions- A week later I went for a consultation where they matched my hair, end results were unbelieveable they looked so real everyone commented on 'How well they were done & How good the colour match was'. They looked so natural.

    Saxx Hair Extensions
  • Annie Border

    Wow!! My hair looks absolutely amazing & I had non-stop compliments. I have so much hair,it's quite short so thought it was going to be difficult to blend - but this lady is amazing... she matched my hair perfectly & later cut & blended . Yasmin worked so hard and didnt stop until she achieved amazing results, she is a perfectionist! Completely addicted to my hair now, I feel so much more confident. This lady is truly talented when it comes to hair. If you are looking to have extensions applied, I truly don't think you could get better results, especially for the price. Love love love my hair

    Annie Border Hair extensions
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